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Name:Michael Westen
Location:Miami, Florida, United States of America

I'm just your “average” ex-spy blacklisted by the US government and trying to figure out why everyone seems to want me dead. The list of people I can truly trust in the world can be counted on a woodshop instructor's left hand. Most of the time, I'm sure that all I know for certain in this world is that my Charger won't let me down and that people are damn good at doing just that. Thrown back into the world of life in Miami by this sudden and unexpected dismissal has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm chomping at the bit to be anywhere but here again. For those interested, I sell my special skill set to those who require it, taking paying jobs for good people wherever I can find them and dodging attempts on my life – all the while, trying to clear my good name and put down the bastards that burned me. Recent major attempts on my life have left me a little worse for wear physically, and a good deal worse off mentally… the word “unhinged” is a bit much – but I'd say only a by a little. I'm anxious, twitchy, and ready to make a move.

Likes: yogurt, sunglasses, firearms, control, a nice suit, duct tape, and my car.

Greatest Strengths my keen observational skills, patience, self-awareness, creativity, and ability to slip into character to fit most any situation.

Weakness: actual human interaction with me is tricky at best, I'm good at putting on a façade and if someone actually wants the real deal they’d better be prepared for a lengthy wait and possibly not surviving long enough to enjoy the briefest glimpses.

Played by [personal profile] afullmargin who can be reached easily through this contact post.

I tend to play a bit more of Mike's "fun" (if one could call it that) side with a healthy dose of serious as needed. He doesn’t trust anyone completely, which given his history is understandable. In his mind, everyone really is out to get him… and for the most part, he’s been right. I play Michael because I find the complexity of his character to be enthralling and enjoy the prospects of putting him in situations that even a super spy can be unnerved by - ideally, a universe that isn't his own. Always looking to get hired for a job (mostly without regard to what it involves if it's for the right cause)... or two and maybe learn a little in the process.

Canon is season 1 to 2-ish. Not "solid" on it, but still has almost no knowledge about why he was burned and by whom.

Open to meeting new people, looking for work and a bit of fun. Likely to be just about anywhere, particularly enjoying people watching at the bar (being [community profile] milliways_bar). Trying to make a few quick bucks and maybe pick up a lead on getting his life back together.

Michael Westen is from Burn Notice, and is the property of Matt Nix and the USA Network. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar and [community profile] mixed_muses, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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